Rug Repair and Restoration

National Rug Cleaners in Pennsauken Township, NJ.

From out-of-control fringe to extensive moth damage, our team will get your rug back in shape. We have a variety of techniques that are all specialized to your specific rug fabric. 

Rely on Our Rug Repair Experts to Fix Your Rug in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and New York​


Repair Your Rugs Moth Damage

Is your rug thinning, or can you see its foundation? These are signs of moth damage. Since many rugs have wool in them, moths are attracted to this and can eat through your rug.

When you are experiencing this, you need to call our team. We will repair your rug and make it look good as new. You can read further in our rug repair services section.

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Oriental Rug Repair services

Resize Your Vintage Rug for Your Home

Do you have a big rug with lots of memories, but it can’t fit into its new home? We offer rug resizing services that will help you carry your rug with you. We will resize it and shape it to whatever you need.

Our team will preserve the look and feel of the rug while giving it a new style. This is also part of national rug cleaners rug repair services

Restore Your Aging Rug

Do you have an older rug with lots of memories? Trust our team to take care of it. 

We work with all ages and styles of rugs, and each service is customized to what you want and what your rug needs. 

Our team of experts will custom replace your rugs fringes and fix its edges. 

We offer free quote and observation