Rug Padding

Protect Your Flooring with Rug Padding in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC and New York. Enjoy various benefits of Rug Padding on any type of rug.


Why Rug Padding?

Did you know that rug padding has many benefits? At National Rug Cleaners, we work with quality Rug Pads to provide you with the highest quality rug pads.

We are able to customize them to your rug, and they will prevent any slipping and sliding that has been going on.

Not only will your rug be more secure, but it will also help it feel better under your feet.

Benefits of Rug Padding

Rug padding isn’t just great for comfort. One benefit is that it prevents the rug from sliding around. Whether a kid or pet is running in the house, this rug padding will prevent them from falling. Another benefit is that it protects your floors.

Spilled wine or water isn’t a worry when you have rug padding. This is because it prevents it from leaking onto the wood or tile. It is also a great deterrent for pet stains.

Keep Your Rugs Looking Great

While rug padding will prevent damage to your floors when there is a stain, your rug also deserves protection.

We use high-quality Scotchgard to prevent rug damage. If something spills on your protected rug, it will be much easier to clean, and the stain will come out quicker.

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