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National Rug Cleaners – Your Professional Rug Cleaners

We serve New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and New York with high-quality rug cleaning, rug repair, carpet cleaning and rug padding services.

Whether you spilled Juice ,or your dog made a mess on your favorite rug, Our team of rug cleaning experts will make your rug bright again.

Our Rug padding team will make sure that your rug, your floor and you are protected. 

National rug cleaners rug repair professionals will be happy to renew your rug’s fringes ,repair it’s edges and the damages moth created.

Our carpet cleaning services agents will come to your home or office and in no time your carpet will look like new. 

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Our Services

Clean up Your Old Rug

If you don’t remember the last time your rug was cleaned, then you need to call our team of rug cleaning service to remove Years of dirt, dust, and pet debris build up on your valuable rugs.

rug cleaning is important in preventing health risk to adults, children and pets – Many dust -related allergies are caused by lack of attention to the rug cleaning. Vacuuming cannot eliminate 80% of the dust and the debris that has accumulated and settled at the bottom of your rug. Only professional rug cleaning will.

 Esthetics and brightness of your rug can only be achieved by a thorough process of rug cleaning using the proper equipment.

 Make sure your rugs are washed and that the rug cleaning is done professionally.

Rug Repair, return to the original look

Has your rug been damaged? At National Rug Cleaners, we will repair and restore your rug so that it looks beautiful and lasts a long time.

Many confuse rug repair services with carpet repair services.

Custom mending of your area rug is what we offer as part of our rug repair services

Fringes replacement of your era rug is done regularly as part of our expertise in rug repair

Resizing of your rug to fit your room better is a process that includes in our rug repair facility

If your rug is antique, handmade, Machine made or simply beautifully made and needs some love and tender because moth found it delicious or your cat played with the fringes a bit too roughly, our rug repair people will help to bring your rug back to its glory days

Add Padding to Your Rug

A good rug padding will protect your rug from years of damages. If your rug does not have rug padding the friction with the floor can cause fraying. Rug padding will prevent it from happening. Professionally cut rug padding will protect the floor from scratching and discoloration. A rug padding with the proper thickness will prevent slipping and falling.

We carry a variety of rug padding options that will protect your property. The rug will no longer slip, and this will help preventing damage to the rug and to the floor underneath and will give you the cushy feeling you desire when stepping on it.

When rug padding is cut, sized, and applied professionally, your floor, your rug, your pet, your child, and your back will thank you.

Ask our rug padding experts to present you with the appropriate sample for your rug.

Get the Stains out of Your Rug or Carpet

Pets, kids, and company can all track in debris that builds up on your carpet. Call our expert team to come out to your home and remove years of caked-on dirt.

Carpet cleaning is done at your area daily and our Carpet cleaning teams would love to visit you at home for a free estimate of the carpet cleaning requirement. Our carpet cleaning experts have the best equipment available in the market and will leave your home only after our carpet cleaning process made your carpet bright again.

Keep Your Rugs & Carpets Clean at Home:

Our Top Voted Rug Cleaners for DIY Use

If you want to maintain the cleanliness of your rugs and carpets between professional cleanings, it’s recommended to use high-quality rug cleaners for routine rug and carpet care.

Rug cleaners for DIY use come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and choosing the right one can be challenging.

Based on our professional expertise, we have compiled a list of our top-voted rug cleaners that you can order online in 2024

Customer Reviews

Roi Kimchi
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I called national rug cleaners before the holiday in the last minute for a rug that I have that have a accident on it. They came right away and remove the rug clean it and got it back for me in one week, the service is amazing and the result of even more. I will highly recommend them !!
Diepanzer company
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Real quality! A very experienced and professional team. National Rug Cleaner highly recommended.
Rafael Nidam
Read More
National rug cleaners oh great the service is great very friendly and very fair affordable thank you very much!